Lab News

June, 2018:

Laura will be joining us for her thesis work and will be supported by Penn CEET NIH T32 award. Congratulations Laura!

April 2nd, 2018:

Welcome Laura Romano, our newest member! 

Jan 8th, 2018:

Welcome Monica Thapaliya, our newest member! 

Oct 27th, 2017:

Welcome Bao-Phung Truong, our newest member! 

Oct 26th, 2017:

Welcome Dr. Gwan Ui Hong, our newest member! 

Sept 11th, 2017:

Welcome Varun, our newest member! 

June 27th, 2017:

  • Cho-Park lab received The Thomas B. and Jeannette E. Laws McCabe Award

Feb 27th, 2017:

Welcome Prof. Lusia Park, our newest member!

Feb 14th, 2017:

Happy Valentines day and welcome Dr. John Cho, our newest member!

Jan 3rd, 2017:

Happy New Year! Laboratory of Protein Homeostasis is now open for business.

  • NIH R00 application was approved for funding

Sept 12th, 2016:

Laboratory of Protein Homeostasis at Penn will officially start in January 2017.

May 2013:

1. NIGMS Cool Image – Chewing up Proteins

2. NIH Director’s Blog – The Beauty of Recycling

3. The Rockefeller University Newswire – Scientists discover new way protein degradation is regulated

4. Cure for Multiple Myeloma in Sight (Translated) – Chosun Daily, Seoul, Korea

May 2005:

1. Korean Young Scientists of the Year 2005 (Translated) – Korean Biological Research Information Centre.