Lab News

May, 2019

Laura successfully passed prelim. Congratulations!

June, 2018

Laura joined our group for her thesis work – Supported by Penn CEET and PGG NIH T32 award. Congratulations!

Oct, 2017

Welcome Dr. Gwan Ui Hong and Bao-Phung, our newest members! 

June, 2017

The Cho-Park laboratory received The Thomas B. and Jeannette E. Laws McCabe Award

Feb, 2017

Thank you for joining our group Prof. Lusia Park and Dr. John Cho!

Jan, 2017

Laboratory of Protein Homeostasis is officially open.

– NIH R00 application is approved for funding

May, 2013
NIGMS Cool Image – Chewing up Proteins
 NIH Director’s Blog – The Beauty of Recycling
 The Rockefeller University Newswire – Scientists discover new way protein degradation is regulated
 Cure for Multiple Myeloma in Sight (Translated) – Chosun Daily, Seoul, Korea
May, 2005
  Korean Young Scientists of the Year 2005 (Translated) – Korean Biological Research Information Centre
– A Team of Three Brothers Published A Breakthrough Paper In Cell (Translated) – Chosun Daily, Seoul, Korea